Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Feather

     Recently I've become very stoic, I claim wisdom before fun. My friends don't understand, but that really doesn't matter.
     You see, I was walking in the woods one day when I came upon a Yellow Poplar, it was very tall, and way in the tip-top branches was a Hawk. It had a wingspan of at least eight feet and beautiful brick-red feathers. It's beak was of a stately nature, pointed and long, he seemed the epitome of wisdom. So I called up to him:
     "Hullo Mr. Hawk! Won't you come down and speak with me?"
     His eyes barely met my face before he flew away, but as I searched the skies for him I noticed something falling gracefully from above. A snow-white feather was gently floating down, I reached out to grab it, but when it landed in my hand it was a brick-red.
     So amazed was I that I hastily continued my search for the sagely old bird. I could not find him so I turned to home. As I neared my house there on the ridgepole sat my Hawk. He heard me approaching and turned to see me. I held the feather out and he swooped down, he plucked the feather from my hand with his beak. As he flew off the feather once again turned snow white.
     What did the feather symbolize, I often wonder? I have come to the conclusion of this: the Hawk knew more than I did.
     He knew that knowledge in the hands of men was often turned to power and then to evil. He understood the weakness of man.
     So I reached higher than knowledge, but to wisdom; delving past the snow-white feather farther into the dark recesses of the ancient proverbs revealed to men from a greater Source than I.

So, it's still winter. I officially cannot stand cold, at least that's what I'll say until Summer hits me with it's massacre of 100+ temperatures every single day. I had an excellent week despite the "cold" weather (40- counts as cold) because my dear wonderful friend from Asheville, NC and we had a lot of fun.
Firstly we went to the beach where we walked for three miles, and it was surprisingly warm that day.

While leaving we found a field of trash cans
and we decided to run through them, it was like a maze made out of trashcans...awesome! After that we went home and watched Big Fat Liar.  Next we all decided to go to the park
so I stuffed four people in my back seat while Alissah road up front. Then we decided to play on the play ground and I thought it would be fun to do this:
I very promptly bruised my knee in the process of getting out. Eventually we went home and then Carolyn and I challenged Alan and Stephen to a game of tennis...and they won. Then Alan and I beat Carolyn and Stephen and I was okay with that. All in all it was a great week that included some amazing ice cream.