Monday, October 17, 2011

Things I want to see someday..

1. The Eiffel Tower.
I've never been to Europe, but someday I'm gonna go and I'm gonna see this thing. I'm gonna ride all the way to the top, and I'm gonna film it. And I'll take pictures for all of the happy couples I find at the top, and they'll thank me.

2. The Grand Canyon.
Posting this picture makes me feel like I'm not a very well-traveled person, but I have to be honest right? I'm not a very well-traveled person, I've never been west of the Mississippi.
But someday, someday I'll see this thing.

3. Cambridge University

This place sorta, maybe, kinda haunts my dreams. It's such a beautiful campus, and it has so much history, another plus? It's located in England...I might have a slight (huge) obsession with England. But this place goes beyond obsession, it's an unhealthy romance that we share.

4. Western Yorkshire

Home of the Secret Garden and many of my ancestors. Western Yorkshire is easily my favorite part of England, it's set in the beautiful moor country that captured my attention in Wuthering Heights, Secret Garden, and electricfaeriedust, I'm pretty darn fond of this Western Yorkshire place.

Someday I will check all of these things off of my "someday" list. I look forward to that day.

Happy Monday!! xoxo...Jaimie