Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Glimpse...

I've been trying to write something short enough to post on here for so long, but everything I start ends up long, so I decided to do some pictures instead to document a little bit of what I've been doing recently.

So first are a few pictures of the State Fair, where I took pictures of everything and rode the swings once.

^Because they're pretty and that's the only reason.

^The Men! Huh!

^What can I say, my beautiful cousins and I.

^They're weird. They know it.

^"Alissah, let's take a picture in the giant chair!"
"Okay, Jaimie, but how do we get up there?"

^We're all about to get eaten by the wolves, we just haven't figured that out yet.

^"Awooo, warewolves of London, Awooo."

^"Aw, we're so pretty Jaimie."
"I reckon it'll do."

^Because we were all 4-H'ers of course!

The last two are family pictures, well technically only the last one is a family picture because I am obviously missing from the first one and what is a family picture without me, after all?

^"Jaimie, stop laying on the ground and get over here!"

^"Now everyone be beautiful until that red light flashes!"