Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Balls fly out of windows easily

My little brother, David, has recently taking to hacky-sacking. He seems to find this enjoyable and sometimes has a good "hacky" going, and then the sack flies out of the back porch and into the yard and he must go retrieve it, never the less, he always goes right at it again. I find his amount of determination impressive to say the least.
I know I wouldn't do it over and over until I could get a whole whomping three hits in a row! Wow, that would be incredibly exciting, but for David it's like an art form. He goes into the "zone" hacky-sacking, his movements are fluid and graceful, very similar to a ballerina's. His face is contorted in concentration and his arms flail around like a baby bird trying his wings for the first time. I can stand and stare at him, not three feet away, for twenty minutes before he notices me and then smiles and waves at me.
It makes me realize that if he is soooooo dedicated to that stupid hacky-sack, then whoah, what about the other things in his life? So brava to David, for hacky-sacking like an almost, almost, almost pro!

Anyways, I know this is a tiny bit cliche, but this is something I've been thinking about. I've been reading the biography of Adoniram Judson, who gave up everything (literally) to witness to the Burman's and what he got in the end was nothing, he didn't do it for fame, he genuinely cared about those people and wanted to reach them. Amazing, amazing how much one man's heart can belong to God, even with all of the sin.
I wrote this poem a while ago so ignore the first part, it's the end I like.

No Discussion

     I am sitting on a hill, all alone 
     and by myself.
     And as I sit I wonder still why this lie 
     just won't sell.

     While I ponder I look skyward the heavens part ways,
     To reveal an awesome display....
     And I wonder
    I wonder....

     If this is God what can I do?
     All I have is for You,
     I want to please you with my voice;
    And make a joyful noise
    Unto the Lord was Your command,
    Well let me tell you, His word is demand.
    There's no discussion.

I am quite aware that there is practically no rhyming pattern, but that's creative license for you, and it started out as a song.... Also, I've tried to rewrite the first part so many times, but at the time I wrote the song/poem it was exactly how I felt and the end was what I felt God was telling me.