Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 Things I love

So, in honor of starting a new year in my life I've decided to start focusing on the positive things more, not that I'm not already an optimistic person, I just thought this was a fun idea! So, here goes.

1. Sister's an amazing thing.

2. This awesome pumpkin bread recipe! 
{found here}

3. Teacup Cupcakes...sooo cute!!

4. This DIY for vellum luminaries, seriously want to
make one!
{Instructions and such}

5. This camera, so cute!!

6. DIY for this woven chain bracelet, if anyone knows of some chunky silver
or brass chain like this, let me know!!
{Instructions and such}

7. This "hair bow!" It's adorable!!
{Instructions and such}

8. I seriously love this fishtail braid. I wish my hair was long enough!!
{Instructions and such}

9. This just makes me want to write...beautiful.
{Photo credit}

10. These Double Orange Scones, they look sooo yummy!!

Happy fall guys!!