Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Things I love...on my cell phone

So, this is obviously a different sort of 10 Things I Love then you guys are used to...let me 'splain.
I am going to post 10 pictures that bring back happy memories...so obviously I love them...that's it...enjoy!

 1. These power lines 
they're in one of my favorite places in the world

 2. Chopsticks
I love chopsticks

 3. My little brother, David.
He's pretty great.

 4. Flying kites with friends
especially off of this pier..

 5. Snowy paths
This snowy path is located in the woods across the street
best woods in the world

 6. Decorating Christmas trees
This is one of my absolute, favorite things in the world to do!

 7. These guys
I love them all...quite a lot

 8. Trashcan fields
While redistributing the trash cans in OI, they left them in a field
Carolyn and I proceeded to run through them
because who would waste such a great opportunity?

 9. Early morning Mountain Dew
it's amazing!

10. Kitty stand offs in boxes
'nuff said