Friday, November 4, 2011


     This past October has been a super great month. I can fit into my skinny jeans again, I got a new pair of boots, I made a bunch of cool's just been a great month! Unfortunately, I am not an easily satisfied person, and all of the amazing things that happened in October are not enough to satiate my desire to have long hair again.
     Naturally I understand that once my hair has reached my desired length I will chop it all off again, but at least it will have been long for a bit.
     My reasoning, you may ask?
     Every time I see a picture of myself with long hair I want to transport myself back in time, I time where I had beautiful, luscious curls that cascaded down my back in an effortless plait.
     I'd make a pretty good paperback romance author, don't ya think?
I will now showcase the offending images:

Most of these were taken when I was fifteen, but look at my hair! Oh! I miss it so.


P.S. I have some lovely fall/Christmas DIY's planned, and some writing to share with you!