Monday, November 29, 2010


I wrote this earlier this year during Aletheia Springs, obviously it's a poem, but it morphed into a medieval ballad maybe even chant. I wrote the description of it in my book to be "a little girl daydreams about a fairy-tale romance, enhanced by her imagination." I realize it's much less of a romance and more of an idealization, but either way....


     If there was a time and place,
     Would you meet me there?
     Would you bring me flowers of braided lace
     And string them in my plaited hair?

     And what if we carried home
     The pretense of "today"?
     And left the valley let alone
     To go along our way?

     What if the wind takes my hand
     And blows me far from you?
     Would you search throughout the land
     To bring me back to you?

     And would you be my fearless knight
     And fight across the sea?
     To bring Daydream back to light
     The epitome of you and me

     What if wanderlust sets in
     And you tire of me?
     And you crave adventure to begin
     To be rid of routine monotony.

     Say that you decided to go
     To travel near and far,
     To places that you'd never know
     Were beyond your own backyard.

     Though nights and days may pass us by
     Will you always be with me?
     To carry on our narrow way
     The you and me epitome.