Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The fall of a certain pirate

     So, last night as we were playing a pirate board game I wrote my first (and last) "epic poem."
Okay, it's not so epic...gosh!
     But despite the amount of epic-ness my poem does not possess (It doesn't nearly reach the required word count) I have decided to post it. I expect it to be well received.

The Pride of Captain Dandy 'No Beard' Chaffer:

Captain Dandy 'No Beard' Chaffer
Lunged his cutlass fearlessly
His foe, cock eyed, said, "don't be a duffer,
Your steel is brandished foolishly!"

But No Beard suffered naught a doubt
And raised his sword above his head.
He shouted orders, "turn about!"
A wicked grin on his face spread.

Cannons laced from keel to mast
No Beard's grin spread farther still
Smile vanished, his foe stood aghast
And No Beard prepared his Speech of Ill.

"Don't be so ready to call me a Foolish Bill,
I know my ship better than you do.
Now prepare to be beaten and killed,
For that is what I'm gonna do to you."

With a cry No Beard lowered his sword,
His cannons blasted gloriously!
No Beard's foe uttered not a word,
but glared at the victor furiously.

A thought raced cross No Beard's mind
That caused his wicked grin to flee
'Cause the gold for which he so longingly pined
He'd just so foolishly sunk into the sea.

So that's it....xoxo Jaimie!

P.S. I take this time to point out that I am not a great poet, nor do I aspire to be.